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Cuban Adventures has been specialising in Cuba since 2005. The core of our operation are our small group tours of Cuba. We don't operate a large network of tours worldwide and instead focus solely on travel within Cuba which, simply put, makes us good at it! ...More about us.

Our Tours of CubaCuba tours

Our tours of Cuba aim to give our travellers a taste of the 'real' Cuba. Apart from visiting some of Cuba's highlights, these tours concentrate on contact with the Cuban people and the Cuban culture. Here are some of the main features of our Cuba tours:

  • Local Guide - Each tour is accompanied by one of our local Cuban tour guides.
  • Accommodation is almost always in guesthouses, which are small privately run businesses typically run by local families.
  • Small groups - a maximum of 12 or 16 travellers on our regular departures.
  • Flexible - we leave plenty of time on our tours of Cuba for participants to do their own exploring in Cuba. Our tour guides also offer the service of arranging optional activities, excursions, and day trips for the group or for individuals in the group, at each destination in Cuba.
  • Value for Money - our tours represent some of the best value for money on the market for Cuba. This is not because we cut corners, but rather because we benefit from being a small and efficiently run business with low advertising and marketing costs, and because we operate our own tours in Cuba directly - so there are no 'middlemen' involved. Our tour guides in Cuba

Are these Cuba tours for me?

Our small group tours of Cuba are ideal for the discerning traveller who wants to have a more authentic experience of Cuba's unique culture and society. On the tours, there is ample free time for persuing your own interests, and there are numerous optional activities that the tour guide can arrange for you at local prices.

Our tours are by no means luxury tours of Cuba, but accommodation and transport is clean and comfortable. If you are keen to participate in Cuba's local culture, are ready for some unexpected adventures on the tour, and enjoy sharing these with some fun, like-minded companions, one of these small group Cuba tours is definitely for you.

You can trust us

Big Planet Adventures logo Cuban Adventures is a product of Big Planet Adventures Pty Ltd - a registered company in NSW, Australia. We comply with all the local laws to operate as a travel agency in Australia. We can accept payment by credit card in 4 different currencies - Britsh Pounds (GBP), Euros, US Dollars (US$) and Australian dollars (AUD) via our secure online payment pages that are securely encrypted and operated by our bank - The National Australia Bank. ... More about us.

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Are you from the USA and looking to travel to Cuba legally?

  • See all the most up-to-date information and helpful hints on hassle free travel to Cuba for US citizens.
  • Visit our CUBAN ADVENTURES USA website to book your legal PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE Cuba Tour
  • Our licensed people-to-people tours are small groups for the ultimate local experience (min 6, max 12)
  • Book your Cuba tour with Cuban Adventures with security and confidence whether you travel on an OFAC authorised Special License, a General License or not.

Tourist Visas for Cuba

Tourist Card, or Visa for Cuba The tourist visa for Cuba is known as the tourist card (or in Spanish - Tarjeta del Turista). Almost all travellers need to obtain a tourist card to visit Cuba. The tourist card is a piece of paper that the migration officials in Cuba stamp when you arrive and depart Cuba, and collect when you leave Cuba. Obtaining the tourist card for Cuba is a relatively simple process. Please click here to read about the different ways you can go about obtaining the tourist card for Cuba.

Our Tour Guides in Cuba Our local tours guides in Cuba

There is no doubt that having a good tour guide is one of the most important elements in making a tour a success. This is why we take great care selecting our tour guides in Cuba and giving them specialised training, added motivation, and adequate resources to do their job to the best of their ability. Our team of tour guides are definitely the pride and soul of our organisation. All are university graduated native Cubans with diverse backgrounds and interests. They all speak excellent English and most also speak a third language as well such as French, German, or Italian. Only a few of the team originally studied at university to work specifically as tour guides, while others come from different walks of life. Click here to read more about our guides in Cuba.

Best Time of Year to Go to Cuba

We believe the best time to go to Cuba is anytime you can! However, the time to go to experience the most pleasant climate in Cuba is probably between the months of November and May. In June, July, and August, the temperatures in Cuba can often be uncomfortably hot and accompanied by very high humidity levels. September and October are the months you are most likely to encounter a hurricane, which may disrupt your travel plans. Click here to read more about the weather and climate in Cuba.

Easter, Christmas, and New Years periods are times of peak tourist activity in Cuba, when hotels, flights, and tours can be booked out will ahead of time. Prices for accommodation and tours can also increase in price markedly during these times.

What About Money in Cuba? 3 Cuban Pesos Convertibles

Did you know that Cuba has a dual economy?

On the Money and Currency page you will find all the information you need on the dual economy, and other information such as - taking cash to Cuba, ATM's, and Cuban Adventures' recommendations to help make your travel and tour in Cuba hassle free!

Read the latest information on the exchange rate and currencies currently accepted in Cuba on our Money and Currency in Cuba page.

Special Events on Our Tours in Cuba

Special Events in Cuba Many special events in Cuba feature on our regular tours. Click here to see a our list of events in Cuba. On this same page you can see which of these events are integrated into our regular tour departures, giving you the opportunity to participate or attend the event. Some of the more popular events are Carnival in Santiago de Cuba, May Day Celebration and Procession in Havana, and New Years celebrations in Havana.

Food in Cuba and on Your Tour

Many travellers are pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of food that can be found in Cuba! Beans and rice are the staples but nowadays there are so many other delicious options available (particularly in Havana). Our tour guides are especially aware of those travellers on our tours that have specific dietary requirements or food allergies, and given specific training about common food allergies such as gluten intolerance.

Visit our Cuban food page and see loads of comments direct from past tour participants all about their food experience in Cuba whilst on our tours. So don't forget to tell us!

Interested in Music and/or Dance in Cuba?

Cuba is arguably the most musical island on the planet and there are countless opportunities while on your tour of Cuba, to soak in the unique and intoxicating Caribbean rhythms and be mesmerised at the Cubans' ability to dance.

Dance and Music classes may be taken in destination such as: Trinidad, Havana, Vinales, Santiago!
Classes are for all levels of ability and in all styles from Cha Cha through to Afro-Cuban.

Our Promotional Video!

We were lucky enough to supply the transport and guiding services for the crew from Jam TV, for their filming of sustainable living practices in Cuba. They were kind enough to put together this promotional video for us from their collection of footage they took in Cuba.

Music in this video is by the Afro-Cuban All Stars

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