A photo of the Capitolio in Havana, Cuba Havana's Cathedral A view along a street to the Capitol building in Havana, Cuba
A view over buildings in Havana, Cuba Havana's Plaza Vieja The Revolution museum in Havana
A man reading a book in the Plaza de Armas in Havana Street art in Havana A car parked in front of the Alicia Alonzo Theatre in Havana
A group of street performers on stilts in Old Havana Che Guevara postcards Grafitti in Havana, Cuba
Street art on the Malecon in Havana A couple walking in Havana A street scene in Central Havana, Cuba
Men pushing an old car in Havana A swimming hole on the malecon in Havana A man fishing from the sea wall in Havana
A couple dancing on the malecon in Havana A couple kissing at sunrise on the malecon in Havana Friendly locals on the malecon in Havana
Ladies chat while sitting on their doorstep in Havana Political propaganda outside the US consulate in Havana A couple kiss for the camera in a house in Havana
A group of dancers during the carnival in Havana, Cuba An old car approaches a government building in Havana, Cuba The May Day march in Havana, Cuba
Tourists riding in the back of a motorbike taxi in Havana A live music and dance performance in a theatre in Havana An old car cruising the streets of Vedado, Havana
Local residents on a balcony in Havana, Cuba The callejon de Hamel in Havana Callejon de Hammel, Havana, Cuba