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Booking Form - Havana Short Stay

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Taking a walking tour of Old Havana
Ernest Hemmingway sites
Art Deco Architecture
Afro-Cuban Religions (eg Santeria, Palo Monte, Abakwa)
The history of the Mafia in Havana (pre-Revolution)
Attending a Cabaret Show (eg Tropicana)
Attending a Ballet Performance
Attending live music performances
Going to dance clubs
Taking a salsa dance lesson
Taking a music instrument lesson (eg drumming or percussion)
Taking a cooking class
Taking a Spanish language class
Attending a baseball game (only October to April)
Attending other sporting events (eg volleyball, boxing)
Visiting the Museum of the Revolution
A tour of the Partagas Tobacco Factory
A tour of the Colon Cemetery
Visiting the Nacional Arts Museums
Visiting other museums
Visiting private art galleries, with a view to buying art works of value upwards of US$200





Tour Extensions and Beach Stays

You can attach these tour extensions to the start or end of your tour. Click here to see options.

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Flight to Havana from Cancun

We arrange flights from Cancun to Havana that include the Cuban Tourist Card and transit assistance service in Cancun airport. Click here for more information.

If you would like to arrange your flights between Cancun and Havana with us, please select from the below options.

Cancun to Havana:

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Travel Insurance

You are required to have travel medical insurance to take one of our tours. You can arrange this by any means of your choice. We sell travel insurance specific to Cuba. Please select one of the below options.

High-risk activity supplement
No. of days you want cover for high risk activities (supplement of US$3/day)

For all of our insurance policies , the high risk supplement is also applicable to all travellers aged 70 and over,



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