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Havana Airport

Havana's airport - Jose Marti Internacional - is a well ordered and modern airport. Upon arrival you may have to wait a little while in line at migration for your passport, Cuban Tourist Card, and Travel Insurance to be checked. Then you pass through to the luggage claim area after which there is a customs check and finally out into the main arrivals area of the airport.

The services in the arrivals area of the airport include a CADECA currency exchange office, and an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine). To read about currency exchange and accessing your money in Cuba, please click here!

Havana Airport to Joining Hotel

The best way to get from Havana Airport to the arrival point hotel in Havana is in taxi from the airport. In fact, this is pretty much the only way, as there are no official buses running from the airport to the city. The queue for the tourist taxis outside the arrivals area of the airport is immediately obvious. The current price for a taxi from the airport to the centre of Havana is 25 CUC (Cuban Pesos Convertibles). It is a 25-30 minute drive (depending on traffic) into the city.

Official taxis in Havana run on a conventional taxi-meter, and you are expected to pay the price stated on this meter at the end of your trip. Most tourists leave a small tip for the taxi driver if they are pleased with the service they received. Taxis from the airport however charge 25CUC almost as a standard fee for this journey so that they can compensate for their time spent in the queue.

Airport Arrival Transfers - Havana or Varadero?

It is very safe and simple to catch your own taxi from the Havana Airport to the joining hotel. Only official tourist taxis are allowed to pick up tourists at the airport, and the standard fare is 25CUC (don't pay more than this!). If you prefer us to send someone to pick you up at the airport and provide you with this transfer, our price is US$55 for up to 4 people.

If your flight arrives to Varadero airport you can catch a taxi to the Viazul bus terminal. Click here to see the timetable. We provide transfers in private taxi from Varadero airport to Havana for US$127 for up to 4 people (2 hours travel time).

To book a transfer please include the request in your booking form.

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Arrival day group meeting

Your guide will organize a short meeting on the arrival day for the tour, where you will meet other tour participants and receive information about general and specific aspects of the tour. Look for a welcome notice in the reception area and if you can't find one, don't hesitate to ask the receptionist. This first official group meeting is usually arranged for the morning of Day 2 of the tour by which time all group members will have arrived, as some flights can arrive late at night on Day 1. If you do arrive late, the leader will leave you a message detailing what time and where you should meet the next morning.

The leader will usually also set a time for those who have arrived early, to meet in the evening of Day 1 to go out for dinner and drinks, and to explore the city at night for those who are keen. The normal itinerary allows time at the end of the tour to explore Havana so there is no need to arrive early to do this.

Please note: Day 1 is an arrival day and no activities have been planned, so you may arrive at any time. Similarly the last day is a departure day in which no activities are planned.