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Fiestas San Juaneras

San Juan Camagueyano San Juan is an annual fiesta common to many Latin countries. In Cuba it is celebrated in many cities, but the biggest and most colourful celebrations are those in the town of Trinidad. The week long event includes a host of different cultural activities. The festival has its origins in Spain, however the date in Cuba was moved to avoid the harvest season and is held at the end of June.

People take the streets and enjoy an abudance of rum and local food, brightly coloured floats, and locals riding around town on horse back.

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One of our regular tour departures usually coincides with this unique celebration. The Camaguey carnival is often held at a similar time of year, so we can often program one of our regular 15 day Original Cuba tours to include both the San Juan festival in Trinidad and the Camaguey carnival. We announce on this page when we are able to offer such a program, so stay tuned!