Flights to Cuba

International airfare is not included in the price of our tours in Cuba

Travellers arrive from all over the world to go on our tours in Cuba, and as such it is not practical to include international airfare in our prices.

Here is how you can book flights to Cuba:

  • Directly from us!
  1. By yourself through our Booking Engine below.
  2. Add a flight request to your Tour booking form
  • From one of our official Booking agents(find them in the right column of the booking form)
  • From your preferred travel agent
  • Directly with the airline online - see list
  • Information on direct flights into HOLGUIN


Our online bookings engine was created to make booking your international and domestic flights to Cuba a breeze.

Book with ease all your flights in and around Cuba, and check out flights from other Caribbean destinations to Cuba and from other international departure points.

This booking engine is operated by The Cuba Travel Network and does NOT include your Cuban Tourist Card in the flight purchase.

This booking Engine was specifically designed for travellers wanting to get to and from Cuba by The Cuba Travel Network - experts in the field.

  • Domestic flights
  • If the engine gives you a "no result" OR
  • you prefer to arrange the flight via email directly through us OR
  • you wish to include a Cuban Tourist Card - Please contact us (see below)
  • International Flights
  • Long-haul flights to Cuba are now available to you through our flight search box. You will see that we have departures from main cities throughout Europe, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain etc and the UK, Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Japan, and even Australia. (41 cities listed).
  • US Travellers
  • You can use this booking engine with the assurance that your details are not shared with any other than the responsible Cuban booking company - In addition, your credit card bill will NOT MENTION Cuba in the payment reciept.
  • (see Billing details below)
  • Air ticket delivery
  • Upon successful online payment, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address supplied during the reservation process. Shortly after that, an electronic ticket will be sent by the Cuba Travel Network Operations Department, to be printed by the client, ready for presentation upon flight check-in.

    NOTE: Please carefully read the terms and condition and direct all ticket enquires to the address provided by Cuba Travel Network.
  • Domestic flights ticket information
  • For flights within Cuba, you will NOT need a ticket. Within a few minutes after completing your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation of the domestic flight you purchased. Please print this email and bring it with you to the check-in desk; you can only board the plane upon presentation of the email confirmation.
  • Billing Details for airline tickets
  • 1. When you purchase an airline ticket through our Cuban Adventures staff directly, your credit card or bank statement will show the purchase as billed from "Big Planet Adventures" - our parent company.

  • 2. When you purchase an airline ticket direct from the booking engine online your credit card statement or bank statement will show the purchase as billed from "CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK B.V" - specialist in flights in the caribbean.

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From Cancun or Mexico City to Havana

Don't want to book through the above online booking engine?
Cuban Adventures tour participants can purchase the return flights between Cancun (or Mexico City) and Havana with the option of including a Tourist Card and Mexican departure tax (see below).

There are normally 2 airlines that fly these routes daily: Cubana and Aero Mexico. The best value is currently with Cubana...

Cubana Airlines start at US$371 return*
Flight No. From To
CU153 Cancun Havana
CU152 Havana Cancun

* return within 30 days
» Request a flight booking now.

Cubana flights are sometimes overbooked so you need to be at check-in between 3 and 3.5 hours before the flight to ensure you don't get bumped.

These prices include:

  • Air taxes IVA-TUA-SEG-COM
  • Cuba departure tax

Not included:

  • Mexico departure tax - US$24
  • The Cuban Tourist Card. When flying from Cancun to Havana you can buy the tourist card on the spot at the airport in Cancun for US$30. If you buy the flight directly through us, (NOT through the booking engine) we can obtain the tourist card for you in advance for a cost of US$55.

Cancun Airport

Make an Enquiry

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Flight into Holguin

Please click on the link to find out the best ways to get to Holguin via international direct flights, domestic flights or bus for the Eastern Cuba Tour.

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From the United States

Currently the only way to fly from the United States directly to Cuba is on chartered flights that are available from several US cities, such as Miami, Tampa, New York City, and Los Angeles. The flights are on well known carriers such as Jet Blue or American Airlines but can not be purchased through the airlines directly,  instead they are offered through charter companies such as Cuba Travel Services or ABC Charters. Cuba Travel Services flights can be booked online at  Charter flight schedules become available only 2-3 months in advance.    In order to take these flights, you must be traveling legally to Cuba either on our 9 or 15 day people to people tours or under one of the other 12 categories of a general license. Other Popular points of entry to Cuba include Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Madrid, Paris, London, Cancun (Mexico), Nassau, and Panama. See list for more details.

For more information please inquire with our US office.

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Including Cuba on a Round the World Ticket

Click here for some expert advice from a round the world flight specialist, our UK booking agent - Travel Nation.

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Click here to see a list of Airlines with Flights to Cuba

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