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  • As of Aug 25 the 8 Day Western Cuba Tour will now be replaced by a 6 DAY WESTERN CUBA TOUR and includes more activities and more stops en route. Western Cuba Tour NOW ONLY $395USD.
  • The 15 DAY ORIGINAL CUBA TOUR has a slight change to the itinerary returning to our most popular version of this tour route 15 Day Original Cuba Tour.
  • The COMPLETE CUBA TOUR is now 20 days including more activities complete Cuba Tour

See all the tours listed here: CUBAN ADVENTURES TOURS




We still offer an extensive variety of custom tours designed to your client’s specification. Tours for schools, choirs, or community groups have been extremely popular over the past 6 months!

We still also offer private tours & private group tours (set on our popular advertised itineraries) and specialised theme tours such as our trekking, dance, cycling, festival or music tours and more.

Havana Day Tours

Visit our Havana day tour site to see the tours on offer, or contact Caroline for any special Havana tour.

If you have been happy with a service in Havana, please help us by visiting us at Havana Day Tours on Trip advisor and leave your comments about the Day Tours in Havana.
Havana Day Tours Trip Advisor Listing
(Note that multi night tour listing are not permitted on Trip advisor so to avoid another listing being deleted please limit reviews to our services in Havana, and not the group tours!!).

Departure dates for 2015

Our group tours with set departure dates will be as follows:
  • 15 Day Original, 22 Day Complete, Western Cuba: departs Every Friday (minimum of 2 ppl)
  • 8 Day Original Cuba; departs Every Thursday (minimum of 2 ppl)

Updated Terms & Conditions

Individually John and I have been working in Cuba for over 15 years building up our network and our amazingly talented hard working team. Through Cuban Adventures we aim to offer lower prices with a higher quality and a more personalised service – all with a sustainable responsible business ethos that would benefit Cuba and the Cubans as much as possible. Please read through our newly revised Terms and Conditions and let me know if there is anything you may be unclear about. Please let us know before approaching any of our guides for their services! We respect our staff greatly, and this can place them in a very awkward and unfair position.

Other News:

We are very excited & proud to have been nominated again this year for the World Responsible Tourism Award and in addition to be an official sponsors of World Responsible Tourism Day 2015.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact any of the Cuban Adventures Admin Team.


Thanks for your support!

Clarita - General Manager Big Planet Adventures Pty Ltd. (May 2014)