Transport on the Cuba Tour

Public transport in Cuba We include private land transport for our groups on all our regular tours in Cuba. Transport for day trips and side excursions that are optional, are not included and your tour guide can help you arrange this.

The transport system in Cuba

As you would expect, the transport system in Cuba is different to anywhere else in the world. We'd love to provide some transport between our destination cities in Cuba with a bit more local character - rather than always using our modern private transport. We are however restricted in a large way by the local transport laws. Much of the transport for locals (buses, trucks, tractors, horse-drawn carriages) is subsidised by the government, and it is illegal for tourists to take this transport. If the driver is caught with a tourist on-board, it is assumed that the driver is taking extra money for this from the tourist, and the driver can be fined. There are also insurance issues for us if we put you on this transport if there is an accident.

The Government therefore has a separate bus company for tourists to take - called Viazul, which in effect is “public transport for tourists”. The Viazul buses are large modern buses however they are mostly full of other tourists and only stop at the bus terminals and set government rest stops on the highway.

Our private transport

Private bus transport on our tour of Cuba We find that the best way - for comfort, convenience and also having more of a local experience in Cuba - is to hire our own private minibus. With a private minibus, we can make interesting stops en route. It also has the advantage that we can depart and arrive at times that are more convenient to us.

We find that most of the time our travellers really enjoy interacting with the driver who is usually the same driver for the whole journey, and who normally doesn't speak much English, but becomes an integral part of the group.

Domestic Flight in Cuba

One of Aerogaviota's ATR-42 500 planes The internal (or domestic) flight that is included on some of our itineraries, is either with the airline Aerogaviota or with Aerocaribbean. The flight from one end of Cuba to the other takes about 1.5 hours. The plane we mostly use for our flights within Cuba is Aerogaviota's ATR-42 500 - which is the current production version of the ATR's, and is a twin-turboprop short-haul regional airliner built in France and Italy. It has a comparably good safety record. Aerocaribbean uses a similar but slightly larger plane - the ATR-72.

Airport Arrival Transfer

This is included in all of our regular tour packages. More details.