Our Tours of Cuba

About Our Original Tours of Cuba Which tour is for me?

Our Original Cuba tours are about immersing yourself in Cuba's culture and getting to know the Cuban people. We recommend these if you are willing to share your experience with a small group of other like-minded travellers.

The idea with our original tours of Cuba is to maintain the price low and not to include many activities so that the tour can be used as a skeleton by you to fill in your free time with the sort of activities you are most interested in. At each destination in Cuba, there is quite a variety of optional activities that the tour guide can suggest to you and help you arrange. So the result is that these original tour itineraries actually cater to a wide range of people with diverse interests.

Featuring the beautiful city of Trinidad, our 8 day Original Cuba Tour is our most popular The guides are instructed and trained to make you feel at ease to go off on your own at each destination on the tour in Cuba and find your own adventures. The guides are also adept at bonding a group to help you get along with your travel companions. For many this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the tour experience. We find that the experiences our participants have on the tour give them something to relate to each other with, and the end result is that the tour experience actually brings people (who normally may never meet each other or be friends) closer together in a way that in most walks of life would be difficult to achieive.

Our longest tour is the Complete Cuba Tour, which travels practically the length of Cuba and gives you a great insight into the variety (both cultural and geographic) within Cuba. If you have the time to spare, we highly recommend taking these 3 weeks to experience Cuba.

Our shortest regular tour, is the 6 day Western Cuba tour. This is designed to give you a taste of both the urban and rural sides of Cuba in a short time.

Something a bit more adventurous! Trekking in the Sierra Maestra on our Eastern Cuba Tour

For those that like to always take the extreme option, we have a tour that has your name on it! Our 11 day Eastern Cuba tour takes you to some of the more remote and less visited parts of Cuba where fewer tourists can be seen. The tour includes a 2 day hike in Cuba's highest mountain range - the Sierra Maestra. One of the options for the trek to summit Cuba's highest mountatin - Pico Turquino. It's not one of the world's highest mountains (actually at 1974m above sea level - no way near it) however it does represent quite an intense physical challenge.

Short on time?

If you only have a couple of days to visit Cuba, probably the best thing you can do is limit yourself to getting a taste of Havana. We offer a Havana Short Stay package, which provides you with one of our knowledgeable local guides to show you around what must be one of the worlds most intriguing and exciting cities.

We also offer tour extensions that you can attach on to either to the start or end of your Cuba trip.